Just a wee update

I didn’t go to the cinema this week, or actually watch a movie on Netflix this week either. So instead of a movie review, I am going to post a longer post tomorrow about the tv show Haven, which I have been addicted to the past two weeks.

Also I know it says on my about page that there is supposed to be “Story Time Sunday” but unfortunately due to uni work I have been so busy. But classes finish in a couple of weeks, so I plan to work on my blog more, when I have some more free time.

Uni Student stressed, from StudentBeans.com

Also leave a comment below, if you have any movie suggestions and I will review them. They can be in the cinema, or already out on DVD. I want to hear from you.

Thanks xx

2 thoughts on “Just a wee update

    • DarlingLauren says:

      I know it’s taken for ever to reply, been a lot busier than I thought. But I am just about to watch In Your Eyes, so a review will be up about it real soon. Thanks for the suggestions.


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