Do You Only Eat Salad?

So I have been a vegetarian for nearly a year (much to the shock of my family), and this week I have decided to share some recipes that I love. All my recipes are easy to make and don’t take that long.

I have always loved food, and nothing brings me more excitement than when I am at a restaurant and I get to pick my dessert. But this week we are going a little healthier.

Before I share my recipes, I’m going to take about my ‘meal plan’. So every week I sit at my desk, and I write out a wee table, for each meal and snack time, and the days I will be at my flat. I then pick what I am going to eat throughout the whole week (and try my hardest to stick to it).

Breakfast usually cereal or toast
Morning Snack Smoothie
Lunch Normally can of soup
Afternoon Snack Piece of fruit, this week apple of clementine
Dinner I mostly have something different every night, I also like to have a side salad
Dessert Normally a yoghurt, this week its Muller Light Greek Style, in either coconut or mango flavours

I only follow this Monday to Friday, as at the weekend I am at my parents house. At the weekend, I sometimes go out for dinner, usually there is a Chinese take out involved, and some treats. But I like to plan during the week, as I am by myself, so its easier to keep a food budget.

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