Lazy Vegetarian Chilli and Rice 

Welcome to my first recipe, I mentioned yesterday that I will be sharing my favourite recipes with you this week. This very easy chilli recipe serves 2, but I normally make the rice for one and refrigerate the rest of the sauce for later.
So let’s get cooking.

First there are the ingredients, the must haves:

  • 1 tbsp Chilli powder (I have a hot one, but any will do)
  • 1 tbsp Cummin (next to the herbs in the supermarket)
  • 500g Passata
  • 30ml of oil (I use olive oil)
  • 150g Basmati rice (doesn’t have to be this kind, others might be cooked differently)
  • Five bean salad tin (I like this one because it has a mix, but any tin of beans will do)
  • Vegetable stock cube

And the optionals:

  • Onion
  • Peppers
  • Any other vegetable

So the first step is to check the ingredients list. Then when you get back from the shop and double check the list, realise you have forgotten something and pray the little shop two minutes from you has it. Not like that hasn’t to me (cough), nope.

Chop up your vegetables, and take quite a big pan and heat up 15ml of your oil, on a medium heat. Once it is nice and hot, and the veggies and stirring occasionally cook for a couple of minutes. If you have an onion, till it’s see through. If you have peppers, cook till they are a bit softer and less raw.

Alternatively skip the step above, and either add no veg or be like me and have a jar of roaster peppers in the cupboard. These can be chopped up, and added in a bit, since they are already cooked.

If you are following my lazy example, there is no need for the oil. Add the passata to your pan of (or lack of) veggies, still on a medium heat. Pop the whole stock cube in, and stir occasionally until it has dissolved.

Now lets start on the rice, while the stock cube slowly disappears. Boil the kettle, and measure out your rice. I use a mug, since you will need twice as much water as you have of rice. Remember to stir your sauce.

When the kettle has boiled, heat another pan up with 15ml of oil, on a medium heat. This pan needs a lid. Add a couple grains of rice to your oil. When they start to bubble and go white, like this:
Rice in a pan

Add the rest of the rice and stir, mixing in the oil. Measure out the water, twice as much and just a bit extra as rice (i.e. half a mug of rice, means you need a full mug of water and an extra splash for good luck). Add the water to the pan, but be careful it can spit. Stir and put the lid on. You’ll want to turn the heat down a bit, so the water simmers. The rice should be ready in 8 mins, or until all the water has boiled off. Don’t touch the lid, until the rice has finished cooking.

Now your rice is cooking, lets make this sauce a chilli. The stock cube should have dissolved by now. This is where I add my already cooked peppers. Time to add the spices, add about a tablespoon of cummin, and as much chilli powder as you want (I add tablespoon, and mine is normally warm, but not gasping for a drink hot). Stir in the spices, and add your tin of drained beans. Stick a lid on this pan as well, as it likes to spit at you, and cover your entire cooker in sauce. Leave on a low heat, to simmer away until your rice is ready.

This is where I either make a salad (link to my salad featured in the picture), it is sunny outside so salad season, or you could just put some music on and dance until the timer goes off.

When the timer goes off, your dinner is ready. Yeah! Now your rice has three options, it could be cooked perfectly and is fluffy, or like me you left it a bit too long and the water boiled off a couple of minutes ago, don’t worry about it, or if there’s still water left, just stick the lid back on and heat til you have option one or two.

If your rice is like mine, that’s okay. All you have to do is gently scrap the rice, this will leave you with the good rice. The burnt rice will stay stuck to the bottom, just soak the pan to get rid of the bad rice.

Cooked rice

Now all you have to do is serve, and voilà your dinner is complete. This is what mine looked like on Saturday night:

Chilli and Rice

Leave a comment below, telling me how you got on with the recipe (and a maybe a picture) 🙂

Here’s is a quick recap of the method steps

  1. Chop your veggies
  2. Heat 15ml of oil on medium heat
  3. Cook the veggie for a couple of minutes
  4. Add passata and stock cube
  5. Stir occasionally, until stock cube completely dissolved
  6. Boil kettle
  7. Heat 15ml of oil in another pan on medium heat
  8. Add a couple of grains of rice, til white and bubbling
  9. Add rest of rice and mix with oil
  10. Add water, twice as much water to rice
  11. Leave with lid on for 8 mins
  12. Add spices to sauce, tablespoon of cummin and chilli powder
  13. Add drained beans
  14. Leave to simmer until rice is ready
  15. When rice is ready, serve and enjoy!

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