Side Salad

For completeness, I am adding this recipe. It is featured on my first recipe: Lazy Vegetarian Chilli and Rice. This salad is for one person, and is normally a side to my actual dinner.

So what you need is:
Salad Ingredients

  • A bag of pre made salad (I’m using Morrisons’ sweet and crunchy salad)
  • A tomato
  • Some cucumber (I use less than a quarter of a small cucumber)
  • Some sort of salad dressing (I am using coleslaw, because it was on offer when I was doing my shopping, I also like Caesar dressing)

Chop your tomato and cucumber into bitesize chunks. Add a handful of salad to a bowl, top with the tomato and cucumber. Finally add a dolop of coleslaw.

Ta-da, you can now make my ridiculously easy salad too!
Here’s one I made earlier:


Leave a comment if you like it, or think it’s just too simple to actually be a post or a recipe.

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