What If

Staring: Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan
Directed By: Michael Dowse
Written By: Elan Mastai, T.J. Dawe (play)
Released: 15th August 2014

After watching In Your Eyes last week I became a bit obsessed with Zoe Kazan, I wanted to watch everything she has been in, then I found this movie (and it has Daniel Radcliffe in it, so I couldn’t say no).

What if a guy and a girl can be just friends? Wouldn’t that be nice, then there wouldn’t be the inner turmoil of whether you should tell the girl you love that you actually love her, and her current boyfriend isn’t good enough.

‘What If’ explores the relationship of friendship. Is friendship a lie, if one loves the other romantically, while the other friend is strictly platonic?

I do not think that a friendship like this is strictly the best relationship for either person. One, because the person with romantic feelings has to constantly act like their feelings do not matter. Whilst the friend with platonic feelings, living in ignorant bliss, will feel deeply betrayed when they find out. So, although the friendship might seem like a perfect pair, it will never end well.

I really enjoyed this film and it was funnier than I expected. Chantry’s (Kazan) job in the movie is as an animator, which they incorporated really well. Radcliffe’s character Wallace, was perfectly portrayed, and he kept the British sarcasm and humour, which really brought the film to life.

The story line, although wholly predictable (it’s a basic rom-com recipe), is kept interesting and moves along fast enough that I didn’t get bored. I also liked the fact it wasn’t based in New York or even America, but Toronto, Canada, this definitely kept it more interesting than any of your other classic rom-coms.

Let’s rate this move:

Out of 5, I give it: Fool's GoldFool's GoldFool's GoldFool's Gold

Should you watch it?
Yes, I think you should. It is an amazingly funny movie that warms the heart.

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