Ah the morning commute, who doesn’t love driving in rush hour traffic twice a day?

Wake up at 6:15, shower, make-up, dress. Get lunch and snacks organised. Make breakfast and hope I have enough time to eat it. Make my hot chocolate coffee (I can’t drink coffee the normal way, so the hot chocolate let’s me get that caffeine). Hope I have everything I need, and leave the house just after 7.


Somedays I am at work for 8:15, other times I am running into work hoping no one has noticed I’m five minutes late.

Work, work, work. Type, type, type. Code, code, code.
Lunch break, maybe a wee walk.
Some more work, some more typing and some more coding.

17:00. Time to leave and join the queue of traffic. Where quite a lot of people decide it’s a great idea to cut me up.


Home between 18:35 and 19:00.

I love this summer job and I am getting so much experience, so I think I can handle the commute for two more months.
The one thing I am really enjoying about driving so much: the radio. Particularly
The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw and Greg James’ show in the afternoon. Although most of the music they play isn’t my first choice, it’s nice having someone chatting to you on the very lonely drive.

So that’s what I do Monday to Friday.
Leave a comment below of what the favourite part of your commute or any car journey is.

Talk to you on Friday,

4 thoughts on “Commuting

  1. ProsperityAndCalamities says:

    My car journey is short – wake up 5:50am, get dressed/eat breakfast/say bye to husband, leave house 6:10am, get to work 6:25am – sitting at my desk by 6:30am ready to start the day! I have a short commute because it’s during the off hours (most people are still getting out of bed) and because it isn’t that far from my house. I don’t think I could survive a long drive!

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