I Know What You Watched Over the Last Four Weeks

This past month I have been on holiday (no access to the cinema) and moved back to my parents house (also no easy access to the cinema), so this month seen less trips to the cinema (two movies) and more Netlfix and re-watching movies. I have also been watching tv shows a lot more (Greys Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Private Practise and Game of Thrones, in case you were interested) and that means less time for films. But let’s review the pitiful five movies I did see anyway:

After The Ball

The most recent film I have seen and it was one of the worst/best decisions. Best, because I was tired on Friday after work and wanted something easy to watch with dinner. Worst, because it was an awful film, think Cinderella Story about fashion but worst, so much worse. I am seriously surprised I made it the whole way through given the predictable plot and bad acting (my sister also started watching and gave in after 15 minutes), but I am glad because it was a nice break from life for an hour and a half.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Arguably the best film of 2015. See I’m arguing the point, so it must be true. I just loved this film, I’ve only seen it five times since it came out, and each time it keeps getting better. Colin Firth makes the perfect gentlemen spy and the plot of the movie keeps me coming back for more. It has all the great points of a classic spy film and keeps a humorous tone. This is a definite must see, and if you haven’t seen it yet, go now. Then come back to read the rest of my post.


Oh good you are back, another film I re-watched this month was Divergent. Based on the book series by Veronica Roth, this action movie set in, a favourite at the moment, a dystopian future, explores the fight between human nature and conforming to society and the angst of a teenager. The two just go perfectly together would you not agree. Since this is aimed at the young adult audience it unfortunately misses a crucial plot point: a love triangle, where is it? Why is the female lead not pondering which boy would be better for her, while she simultaneously saves the world? It just isn’t realistic. It is for this reason I would only urge people to watch this film if they want to see a female care about her family and how her decisions will affect them, fall in love with just one man and who actually works hard to develop the skills she needs to survive.


Melissa McCarthy has been doing a lot of films recently with the same kind of theme: an overweight women can do anything or finds self-esteem despite her body shape. I think it is really good to see that kind of positive view of body image and the fact that most people are not slim like the average actor. It is unfortunate that I don’t particularly enjoy Melissa’s humour, so Spy wasn’t really the best movie for me. I thought it was funny at certain moments but I didn’t really enjoy the plot. The one silver lining of the film was Miranda Hart, I would not have enjoyed it as much if her love affair with 50 cent was not included in the movie.

Terminator: Genisys

Finally, the new Terminator. So to confess there were only two reasons I went to see this film, one was The Doctor (Matt Smith) and the other Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), great reasons to go to the cinema. As you can tell I was really interested in the plot, how it compared to the original movies and the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Overall an interesting movie that kept me entertained. Though when I went to see it in the cinema I watched the first 10 minutes twice because the supposedly 2D showing started playing in 3D, just great when you don’t carry your 3D glasses on you for these kind of situations. Going to have to add it to my list of essentials I should always have on me.

Leave a comment below of any film you think I should review next and/or what your guilty pleasure tv show or movie is.

Talk soon,

Bonus information:
I am also currently watching Austin and Ally, a very funny and music themed disney channel show. Don’t judge it’s really good, well kind of. But the music is really catchy and it’s not like I had it blaring on the way home from work today, that would just be ludicrous for a 20 year old.

austin and ally

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