Summer Is Always Better Imagined

Isn’t the expectation always greater than reality deems appropriate to serve. Since the beginning of time the summer holidays have been something to desire, to spend the long winter months dreaming of and when they finally get here there’s no unicorns riding rainbows or pool parties with your friends. Instead we get the classic Scottish summer: a week of sunshine followed by rain and wondering where the summer went.

Here is the expectation vs reality of the summer holidays through the stages of my life so far:


There are no expectations since you are a baby and understand very little concepts never mind the idea of being off of school for 6 weeks.


In reality it is the best times of your life you sleep constantly and only get woken up when it is time to eat, sadly you don’t appreciate how good it is.


Now you are at primary school and you are addicted to tv shows especially Disney. That means the American summer holiday full of sun, friends and hilarious antics is engrained in your brain.

In reality you spend the summer being switched between your two sets of grandparents because both your parents work and staring longingly outside while it rains cats and dogs.

Child raining


teenager on internet

All you want to do on your holiday is sleep, stay up late and be on your computer binge watching Netflix none stop.

Your mother has other plans for you though: the kitchen needs to be spotless by the time she gets back, a couple of washings need to be done and the room you haven’t bothered to tidy since last summer is screaming your name.

Young Adult

You’ve made it to University and gone are the pitiful 6 weeks off, no, no, you get 3 months! Just think of all the amazing things you could do with that time off. How about traveling the world, catching up on that sleep you missed out on during exam time.


Em, no I think a full time job to gain experience would be much better. Don’t get me wrong experience looks great on your cv, but getting up at 7 does not look so good on you. Have fun pretending to be an adult for the summer.


You graduated, you have a full-time job and now you get 2 weeks. Wish you were younger again?

Worried black businesswoman at desk

That has been a very pessimistic expectations vs reality of the summer holidays. Leave a comment below telling me about what you (used to) do during your holidays.

Talk soon,

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