I had a Great Weekend

Friday Night:


I was home alone (the parents went out for dinner) and I was feeling christmassy so I made (slightly burnt) cinnamon and raisin cookies then watched a ‘made for tv’ movie: Pete’s Christmas.This movie will never make the hall of fame, yet it was heart warming, a perfect way to get into the christmas mood. So much so I turned into a five year old and instead of sending my mum an email with links of what I would like for christmas, I wrote Santa a letter (even drew a snow man).

Saturday Night:

After working all day (which I haven’t done in a while) my friend came over for a movie night. We got take out (I had the best vegetable lasagne) and watched Darling Companion. The only saving grace of this movie was the fact that the lead was Diane Keaton.
I brought out the board games get-bit-in-playand we played Get Bit, a game where you play as waterproof robots who are swimming away for their lives from a shark. You don’t need to swim faster than the shark, only your fellow robots. I love having movie nights with friends they are a great way to have a catchup and the excuse to buy some chocolate.

After my friend left the night wasn’t over yet, oh no I got wild. At 11pm on a Saturday night I put another movie on. I know I have got to slow down.
Odd Thomas is one of my favourite movies of all time, it is funny, action packed and has a sci-fi plot. Plus there are mentions of Winnie the Pooh. Could a girl really ask for more from movie?


6a00d83451f25369e201538e965c8d970bWoke up just before eleven after my crazy night and made myself a breakfast of: omelet, brown toast, raisins, apple, banana, orange juice and camomile tea. I then sat with my mum and we watched Home Alone together.
“Keep the change you filthy animal”
Then I caught up with uni work and Once Upon a Time, this took up most my day.
Dinner was pizza with another ‘made for tv’ movie with the family, A Gift of Miracles (according to my mum it was awful, I disagree).
Now I am writing this post instead of tidy my room. I love procrastination.

This was such an ordinary weekend, and I spent nearly all of it in my house but it’s this type of weekend that I never want to forget. (Aw look at me being all cheesy and sentimental). Leave a comment below telling me of what you got up to this weekend.

Talk Soon,

Lauren x

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