Christmas Update

My exams are over, which means more time for blogging! Yeah!


I have never really done anything Christmas related on my blog before and I plan to change that.

A Christmas movie review will be going up each night at 8pm.
Due to studying I haven’t really had time to get into the christmas mood, but I know watching a christmas movie every day will change that. Starting tonight, it’s Christmas with the Cooper’s.


I also have a couple of Christmas baking ideas that I want to share. I really want to make a gingerbread house with a little gingerbread family.

(Mine is probably not going to look that good)

Reading has been a big part of my life and I want to show that on my blog. I hope to read two books this Christmas season and dip my toe into book reviews.

Side note:
I am slowly working my way through ‘100 Novels Everyone Should Read’ as I am still on the first book – Lord of the Rings is a really (really really) long book. I am half way through The Fellowship Ring and so far I am enjoying it very much and I am falling in love with the story and characters.


What have you done to get into the Christmas spirit?

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

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