10 Days to go: Christmas with the Coopers

Staring: Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Amanda Seyfried and Steve Martin’s voice
Directed By: Jessie Nelson
Written By: Steven Rogers
UK Release: 1st December 2015

It’s Christmas Eve and the Coopers are getting ready for their Christmas dinner. This movie follows the different members of the family during Christmas Eve before they all have dinner. It is similar to Love Actually in the way the story is told, but it just did not match it.

The movie is narrated throughout by a person not seen by the audience. This is done well and I enjoyed the titbits of information that couldn’t have possible be brought up in conversation by the characters themselves.

The relationships between the characters weren’t that realistic. The grandson was out right rude to his grandparents, which I really didn’t like. No matter how you are feeling you are nice to your grandparents, no ifs and buts. The other relationships in the movie didn’t feel 3D or real, instead I feel the characters where only given traits to keep plot moving.

One thing I loved about the film was their house. It was beautifully decorated and felt like a family had really lived in it. The kitchen was just like the one I dream of having, so it was nice to see those scenes.

Overall, I found the movie very funny, though I did have to keep track of quite a bit of information to understand some of the plot points.

Lets get down to ratings:
Out of 5 :  

Should you go see it?
This is a great movie to watch with the family on a cold December night when it has been released on DVD, but I would not recommend rushing to the cinema to see it.

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

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