8 Days to Go: The Santa Clause

Staring: Tim Allen, Judge Reinhold, Wendy Crewson, Eric Lloyd
Directed By: John Pasquin
Written By: Leo Benvenuti and Steve Rudnick
UK Release: 8th December 1995 (More than a year after the US release date)

When Santa Claus falls off the roof of Scott Calvin house, Scott must take up the role. A story about a man who doesn’t believe slowly becomes Santa while his ex-wife thinks he is losing his mind.

I have loved this movie since childhood and I watch it every single year at least twice. It is funny, witty and there is word play.

I have two favourite characters (it’s too hard to pick between them). One is obviously Santa (Scott) because the character is well rounded and has so many funny one liners. My other favourite character is Dr. Neil Miller (the new husband) because he tries to psychoanalyse Scott and I really like the funny jokes made by Scott about him.

Favourite bits:

  • When all the single dads are at Denny’s because they have burnt the dinner
  • When the little girl goes up to Scott and starts asking for presents
    Santa's knee
  • Santa’s workshop
    Santa's workshop

Lets get down to ratings:
Out of 5 :    

Should you go see it?
Yes!! If you have never seen this movie, then you are missing out. Tim Allen is a great Santa and it makes you believe in the spirit of Christmas.

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

p.s. I also reviewed The Santa Clause 2

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