Movie Review: Joy

Staring: Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper
Directed By: David O. Russel
Written By: David O. Russel and Annie Mumolo
UK Release: 1st January 2016

 Based on the  real life of Joy, this film follows Joy as she joins the world of business with her new invention. As well as financial problems she also has a crazy family to contend with.


The movie itself was too long in my opinion, it could have been a bit more fast paced. I did enjoy the crazy family and how each family member gave Joy an obstacle to overcome.

Looking back there was not much to the plot for the length of the film. The performance of the actors was commendable, I would not say any was outstanding but they were believable (which I think is important).


The portrayal of the half-sisters relationship was scarily realistic but I do think there could have been a bigger focus on it. Though I did enjoy how they subtly showed Joy’s older sister’s jealously towards her with looks than dialog when they were younger.

The mother-daughter relationship in the film was not conveyed quite as convincingly and at times just seemed odd. It annoyed me that the grandmother, who acted more of the mother figure, encouraged Joy to be more and aim for the sky, but ignored her daughter who was clearly struggling.

I don’t think having Lawrence, Cooper and De Niro in one film was used to its advantage. There was no real chemistry between any of the characters.


This film was geared towards female empowerment and that message came across strongly. Joy is stereotyped into a struggling housewife  who has to get a job to support her family, instead of a women who wants a career to benefit her family and the movie did well in showing her become the latter.

Lets get down to ratings:
Out of 5 :   

Should you go see it?
I would recommend you see this film if/when it becomes available to watch on tv and steaming services. It was an interesting film about a strong women and has a nice message: “don’t let anyone tell you what you can’t d0”.

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

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