An Essay: Is Society too Distracted by Mobile Devices?

So for university this week I had to write a short essay on how Mobile devices effected society. I thought it would be nice to post something different on here, so here is my essay.

I am not implying my opinion is correct, or that I have researched this topic enough. Since the question posed by my lecturer is very complex and ‘the effect of society’ has a lot of different layers. I am pretty sure there will be errors as well. 

Mobile devices became available to the public in 1983, a lot has changed since then. Mobile devices are able to accomplish more in the 21st Century and this had led society to change dramatically as it adapts to the inclusion of these new smart technologies in the past 30 years. This evolution in society has been both beneficial and disadvantageous.

The main advantage in having mobile devices on everyone’s person at all time is everyone is easily contactable.
“In 2014, nearly 60 percent of the population worldwide already owned a mobile phone”,, Mobile Phone Users Worldwide 2013-2019, 2015.
Since most people have a mobile device then the chances of being able to contact a person greatly increases. This has allowed people to easily organise events and stay in contact during the entire process.
“In general, respondents were quite positive about the use of the mobile telephone for planning and social coordination… 70% agreed with the idea that the mobile telephone allows them to stay in steady contact with family and friends” Rich Ling, The Mobile Connection: The Cell Phone’s Impact on Society, 2004.
Therefore, access to mobile phones allows people to keep in touch even if they are away from their landlines. This easy way of communicating has allowed a more efficient way to communicate, no more waiting until both parties are at home or even having to wait on the mail service to deliver a message.

On the contrary, access to mobiles devices has led the population to become constantly distracted. Instead of focusing on the world around them or the task at hand, they are on their mobile phones communicating with people far away. This distraction can lead to accidents which previously wouldn’t have happened as frequently. In particular, mobile devices have been detrimental to the safety of driving. While the driver is supposed to be focused on the road, they are in fact focused on their mobile device.
“A recent study from the National Safety Council found that 26 per cent of all car accidents were caused by a driver using a cell phone” Ryan Gorman of the Daily Mail, One in four car accidents caused by cell phone use while driving…but only five per cent blamed on texting, 2014.
This proves that many car accidents could have been avoided if more drivers concentrated on the road, which should be their primary focal point anyway. Given the fact that mobile phones can do more that just call, but provide navigation and music it is easy to see why people would find these features useful while behind the wheel. But these smartphones are also distracting while trying to navigate a heavy piece of machinery.

In conclusion, society has seen many benefits from the introduction of mobile devices. It has allowed people to communicate more effectively and frequently. Though this ease of access has led to the public being constantly distracted by the different features their smart device can accomplish, which has a negative impact on society, particularly  in regards to accidents. Despite the problems caused by mobile devices in society, over all they have allowed society to grow and prosper. Therefore overall I believe society has benefited through the use of mobile devices in the 21st Century.

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

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