Movie Review: Barely Lethal

Staring: Hailee Steinfeld, Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba
Directed By: Kyle Newman
Written By: John D’Arco
UK Release:  28 August 2015

Orphaned and raised by a super secret agent school, Agent 83 just wants to be a normal teen girl. During an operation she goes rogue and fakes her own death. Agent 83 becomes Megan Walsh, an exchange student from Canada, allowing her to finally have the real high school experience she has only ever been able to watch in the movies. And of course this will never work out. 


I am going to start with, this may be my favourite movie (I have seen out with the cinema) this year ever. It has everything you could ever dream of: child spy’s, a spy school!!, action, references to classic teen movies, and finally a “getting ready” montage.

I could not stop laughing the whole way through. There are some great jokes about being a spy teen and just about being a teenage girl. My favourite has to be when describing shooting someone, sounds like a persons first time.

There are also puns. PUNS!! I particularly liked that it was it was the basis for the relationship between two character, Megan and Roger (Thomas Mann, he is in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl). 


This film was just great, though as numerous people have pointed out (my family, when I made them watch it) it is also a really bad film. The plot is just bizarre (but I like that it is a bit off, since the whole premise is unbelievable) and the dialogue can be awkward sometimes (I would also like to point out that these are teenagers, and I most of my conversations were awkward when I was a teenager). So yeah, let’s just scrap that statement, it wasn’t a bad film.

Lets get down to ratings:
Out of 5 :     

Should you watch it?
Yes! You should immediately find it and watch it. (It was available on Sky Movies upon writing this post). Have you watched it yet? No, then go, go.

What movie have you wanted to tell everyone you meet to watch, because you thought it was amazing?

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

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