Book Travelling Thursdays #1

My very first meme post! I feel like this is an important milestone in my blogging adventure. So let’s get to it:

So the meme is Book Travelling Thursday. I pick a book for the given theme of the week, and tell you why. Then we look at the covers for my chosen book. You can find the group on Goodreads here, where there is more info.

The theme this week is:  International Day of Happiness was celebrated a few days ago!! Choose a book that brings you joy.

Since this is my first time, lets go with the first book that brought me true joy: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I fell in love with reading because of this book, and it was such a magical influence to my childhood.

The Original Cover:

HP - Original

Other UK Editions of the Cover:

Favourite Cover:

HP - Favourite

I loved the part where Harry first visits Diagon Alley with Hagrid. This cover illustrates it so well, and it really makes me want to read the book again.

Least Favourite Cover:

HP - Least Fav

I just found this cover boring. I mean this amazing book has so many points that can be illustrated to entice the reader, and they pick a chess piece. A chess piece?! Why?

Well that was great fun. I liked looking up all the different covers. Can’t wait for next week: “All of us have read Classics at some point of our life. Choose your favourite Classic.

Note to self: pick a book with just a little less editions, it took you some time to track them all down. 

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

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