Avoiding Trailers

Quick Update

I am currently very busy studying for my exams and finishing off my group project. This has unfortunalty meant less time for blogging. I do have a lot of plans though, so I can’t wait until all this stress is over and I can get back on schedule.

We Now Return to Your Regularly Scheduled Post

I went to see Batman vs Superman last week (it was okay) and the Captain America: Civil War trailer played.

I hate watching any Marvel trailer. I don’t want spoilers. I don’t want to speculate on the plot and I certainly don’t want any of the funny bits ruined for me.

Have you ever tried to not watch a trailer while you are at a cinema? It is pretty hard and you look pretty stupid doing it.

Here is my guide to look like an insane person in the cinema:

  • You need to be prepared
    • Be kind of sure if the trailer is going to be shown (like Captain America is not going to turn up in a RomCom)
    • Have earphones plugged into your phone, with music ready to play
  • Now for the waiting…
  • When that trailer starts (btw you need to know what the start of the trailer looks like)  ATTACK!!!!
  • Put your earphones in and press play
  • Shut your eyes
  • And for extra enforcement cover your ears with your hands
  • Now you look like a lunatic waiting for the trailer to end

Do you avoid watching trailer at the cinema?

Good luck and talk soon,
Lauren x

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