Inside Out Book Tag

Exams are over!! Let’s celebrate with the Inside Out Book Tag. I was tagged by the lovely  Charleigh at Charleigh’s Book Nook, and you should definitely go check out her blog.

Inside Out is one of my favourite Pixar films. Nothing can beat Toy Story, but Inside Out is definitely in the top three.


Let’s get started:

A Book That Brings you Joy



This book took forever to decided, not a lot of the books bring me joy per say, they tend to be more drama-y. Finally inspiration struck, The Colour of Magic, I just think this book is amazing and hilarious. I love the little remarks Terry Pratchett likes to make about the world.

A Book That Brings you Sadness

11071466For sadness it would have to be Second Chance Summer, I just could not stop crying when I was reading this book.


A Book That Brings you Fear


This would probably be any Stephen King novel, but I will be more specific than that.


The Shining gave me nightmare while I was reading the book and for weeks after.

A Book That Brings you Anger



The only book that I can think about is Alligent, and that’s only because of the ending.

A Book That Brings you Disgust



This is a hard one,  I suppose A Game of Thrones because of the incest. I don’t tend to read any books that are particularly disgusting.

I am going to tag:

  1. Jill @ Rant and Rave About Books
  2. Fatima @ NoteablePad
  3.  Deidra @ Deidra Alexander’s Blog
  4. Anyone else who wishes to participate! 😀

If you do decided to do this book tag, please comment with the link so I can check it out.

I will leave you with a final question.
What book brings you a strong emotion?

Talk Soon,
Lauren x

p.s. Can’t forget Bing Bong



2 thoughts on “Inside Out Book Tag

  1. NoteablePad says:

    Thank you for the tag Lauren! You have some interesting books for your answers : I actually haven’t read any of them, but I’ll give The Shining a miss because I hate horror.
    Congrats on finishing exams!


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