Book Review | Baby Doll

This is a spoiler free review for an eARC I received from the publisher via Netgalley.

Title: Baby Doll
Author: Hollie Overton
Publisher: Random House UK, Cornerstone
Publication Date: 30th June 2016


cover83912-mediumYou’ve been held captive in one room, mentally and physically abused every day, since you were sixteen years old.

Then, one night, you realize your captor has left the door to your cell unlocked.

For the first time in eight years, you’re free.

This is about what happens next …

Lily knows that she must bring the man who nearly ruined her life to justice. But she never imagined that reconnecting with her family would be just as difficult. Reclaiming her relationship with her twin sister, her mother, and her high school sweetheart may be Lily’s greatest challenge. After all they’ve been through, can Lily and her family find their way back after this life-altering trauma?


I really liked this book, it was faced paced and I read the entire book in one night (I stayed up until 2am). I just couldn’t put it down.

The story is told from the view point of the different characters as they deal with Lily finally returning to her family. The characters themselves where varied and had interesting points of view about the situation, this really allowed me to see just how many lives were affected by the kidnapping of one girl.

Lily herself handled captivity really well, I was shocked eat how she had served so long with a sadistic man. Her strength and will power shown through, dealing with the aftermath could have broken her but she didn’t let that happen. Lily was definitely my favourite character and I really admired her courage.

Abby, Lily’s twin sister, on the other hand really annoyed me. The sections in the book told from her view, did not help her. Though I do understand all the decisions she made, she was just as broken as Lily. It must be hard to be separated involuntary from a sibling, especially a twin, and I felt really sorry for Abby and her incapacity to get over loosing her sister for those eight years.

The mother, oh the mother. That women needed some therapy. I will say her reaction when her Lily finally returned is realistic. In her imagination whenever her daughter was found she would be calm and cool, totally in control and making sure her Lily had everything she needed. In reality she couldn’t believe her wish had been granted, and was unable to function. I found this very relatable (not the loosing a daughter bit, but the bad reaction), I never handle anything as well as my imagination self does.

Now for the plot, is was fast paced as I previously mentioned. It mainly followed the whole family coming together again and Lily getting justice for what was done to her. During the first chapter I was unsure where this plot was going, she had escaped that meant happily ever after right? But Baby Doll explored all the areas of life that is affected by such a tragic event. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read thrillers and wants to find out what happens when the thriller ends.


4 Stars

Baby Doll was great and I really enjoyed Hollie Overton’s writing.

Talk Soon,
Darling Bear

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