How to Spend the Day at the Cinema

You thought I was weird when I brought you How to Avoid Trailers at the Cinema, well then you are in for a treat today.

Yes this post will explain how to spend the best part of the day at the cinema watching movies. I do get how bizarre that is, but I just spent the day doing it and I really don’t have anything else to blog about 🙂

Step 1

First and foremost you have to pick the movies you want to watch. I normally pick between 3 and 4 films.

This does require a pen and paper, to work out which cinema times to pick so you can see all the movies you want to see in the most efficient amount of time.

(If you don’t want to spend an exorbitant, I would suggest have a cineworld unlimited card)

Step 2

keep-calm-with-comfy-clothes-onNow you know what you are going to see, you have to pick the perfect outfit.

There are a couple of requirements:

  • you have to be comfy (but presentable in public comfy not cosy socks and pyjamas comfy)
  • nothing should potentially be scratchy or itchy, that will get very annoying by the time you get to the third film
  • remember footwear should be considered, I normally wear converse. you don’t want your feet to get cold.

Step 3

snacks_trayFour films take about eight hours, so that is at least one meal you will be having in the movie theatre, though it could be two.

You of course have to have your normal snacks, I normally buy a bag of proper corn to eat as the cinema popcorn can some times taste like cardboard. I always get an Ice Blast (it’s like a slushie except it is kind of fizzy) when I visit though.

For lunch I normally pack a sandwich to eat with nothing too crunchy inside, don’t want to attract any unwanted attention.
For dinner I either go for something that can be kept warm, like soup in a thermos, or a meal that can be eaten cold, like pasta.

Step 4

Finally, accept the fact that you will be spending eight hours at the cinema and just ignore any employee that stares at you funny when you go up again to get your ticket checked.

The Movies I Went to See

Just in case you were wondering here are the films I went to see:

There are just a lot of great films out right now, and I live an hour away from my cinema so I have got to make that drive count. And I don’t start my job for another month so I really have nothing better to do all day.

What has been your favourite movie of 2016 so far?

Talk Soon,
Darling Bear

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5 thoughts on “How to Spend the Day at the Cinema

  1. Ara | The Bookish Agenda says:

    Lol I’m really bad at watching movies – I mean, I can barely keep my eyes open towards the end of one, so how you managed four is beyond me. :O

    Liked by 1 person

      • Ara | The Bookish Agenda says:

        You’re right, it’s a little different in cinemas. But still, I’m not able to sit still for two whole hours, much less four times that haha

        Liked by 1 person

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