The Hiatus is Over


It’s nice to be back. I know I took an unplanned break, but I kind of overwhelmed myself with blogging every day then going on holiday. But I had a great relaxing holiday, and I am ready to get back into reviewing books and movies.

The New Plan:

You think I was off all that time, and wasn’t thinking about all the different things I could be doing on my blog?

Tuesday‘s will be my book review day, starting next week so look forward to reading about a book I read on my holiday.

On Thursday I will post either a book tag (which I am now very behind) or a fun topic I want to write about.

Finally, you can add reading my movie reviews on Saturday afternoons to your weekend routine.

Hopefully creating a plan and limiting myself to three posts a week, will ensure I will become a more consistent blogger.

I have missed blogging very much, and I can’t wait to start reviewing again.

Talk very soon,
Darling Bear

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