Favourite Episodes from the Librarians 

In honour of The Librarians season 3 premier I thought it would be fun to rank my 5 favourite episodes. The show returns tonight in the U.K. at 8pm on Syfy.

The Librarians

librarians_default-800x450_110420140529This is a spin-off  of The Librarian movie series (movies you should definitely watch if you like the tv series). Each episode follows The Librarians, Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian and Jacob Stone with their Guardian, Eve Baird solve a magic related case.

I love this show because it is quirky and fun, with the most unbelievable plots that makes the show unique.

My Top Ranked Episodes

5: And the Apple of Discord


What would your worst self look like?

4: And the Rule of Three


I have never seen Cassandra more excited than when she has the opportunity to go to a STEM fair

3: And the Point of Salvation


Ezekiel nearly broke my heart in this episode

2: And Santa’s Midnight Run


Purely for the fact that Santa is in this episode plus Ezekiel being his better self

1: And the Fables of Doom


For the original fairytales and Cassandra as the Prince is hilarious

Season 3 premiers at 8pm tonight (21st Nov) on Syfy in the UK.

If you watch the Librarians then what is your favourite episode? Also follow me on twitter and I will happily talk about this show with you, @DarlingBearRevs.

Talk Soon,
Darling Bear

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