Movie Review: Underworld Blood Wars

It’s only fitting the first movie I review in 2017 is in fact the first movie I went to the cinema to see this year. Underworld: Blood Wars is the fifth movie in the Underworld series. I can’t believe it’s been four years since the last movie: Awakening was released, it doesn’t even feel  that long since I first watched Underworld. As usual this is a spoiler free review, but there are some spoiler for the previous films.

The movie begins with the classic recap of all the previous movies, and as usual I was kinda bored for the first five minutes. Though I will give them some credit they didn’t use the normal shot, where Selene is perched on a ledge talking about being a death dealer before she kills some lycans (werewolves). So that was kind of refreshing.


My love for Underworld did start during my years of being obsessed with vampires and werewolves (mainly vampires though). Therefore it’s no surprise that despite its flaws, I will always be a fan.

The plot hasn’t really changed since the first film, the war against lycans is still being waged. Big twist though: it’s the vampires which are near extinction this time.

Character wise, Selene will always be my favourite. Kate Beckinsale still portrays the kickass death dealer who for the first time in any of the films doesn’t really have anyone to fight for. The first and third she had Micheal, then the fourth her daughter, but this time no one. The main male lead in this film is played by Theo James. Fun fact: I fell for Theo before everyone knew him as Four (Divergent). Although his storyline in the film could have been interesting, it felt like it was pushed on us and came out of nowhere.


And here are some actors which I recognised from TV shows I like: Bradley James (played Arthur in Merlin), Lara Pulver (Erin Watts in Spooks), Tobias Menzies (Randall from Outlander) and Charles Dance (Game of Thrones). I was surprised by the amount of people I recognised.

There were a couple of problems I had with this film. Where are the humans? In the last film vampires were being hunted to extinction by humans, will the lycans re-populated. Yet not a single human was actually seen in this film, there was no mention of them. Another thing is I still have no idea where this film is set, I presume it is Eastern Europe since the main coven in the film is called the Eastern coven. It was kind of confirmed that this is set in out world because a vampire coven in Budapest was mentioned.

Overall, I liked the film. It wasn’t my favourite but I do love an action packed film and Blood Wars did deliver on that. I did enjoy being able to nearly follow all the fight scenes – the previous films are not known for coherent fighting sequences.

4 Stars

Talks Soon,
Darling Bear

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