Book Talk: A Court of Wings and Ruin

Like the title suggests this book ruined me.

I haven’t felt like blogging in a long time, but how could I not talk about A Court of Wings and Ruin? I also have book reviews on A Court of Thorns and A Court of Mist and Fury if you want to check them out.

I wrote down notes after I finished the book like a month ago so here is what I have deciphered.

Spoiler Free Review

Freye has returned to the Spring Court, to gather information on the invading King and the impending war. Determined to win Feyre must figure out who to trust.

I loved this book, it wasn’t perfect but it was an epic conclusion. This is definetely one of my all time favourite series. The way everything fit together to create a great conclusion without too many loose threads, is a testement to Sarah J. Mass’s writing.

I feel like Feyre has finally become the person she was meant to be. The first book she was vulnerable, the second she was broken, and the third has let her heal.

I cannot believe that the trilogy is over, and I am excited to read more book based in this world. I nearly screamed when I read the series will continue.


Spoiler Time!!!

Here are my thoughts on my favourite parts, and other points I thought were important.

The Betrayal of Tamlin

I hate Tamlim. I thought it was cruel that Maas made me like him in the start of the book, but made so slowly hate him by the time I reached A Court of Mist and Fury.

With that said, what Freye did to Tamlin was kinda evil. She destroyed his court, and the rest of the court was left defenceless. I understand why she did it, but it made me feel uncomfortable the entire time.

Freye was kind of redeemed because she felt awful for what she did to Tamlin, but it was only after the fact.

The Library

I really liked the Library in Velaris. My love for Rhys grew when I found out above the sanctuary he created for women.

I love the fact that the two bargains Freye made my Bryaxis was for company and a window. I know he is the physical manifestation of fear, but he is so cute. I really want to tuck him into bed and tell him stories.

The Reunion

One of my favourite parts is just before the Court of Dreams go to meet the rest of the high lords. When Az, Mor, Cassian and Rhys have placed bets on when a fight will break out and they are waiting for Feyre to makes her but she replies that Rhys is waisting their money for both of them. It made me laugh so much.

The icing on the cake is that none of them won, because Az caused the fight which was against. the rules.

The Ships

The first moment I cried:

And leading the charge against Hybern, flying over the waves, unyielding and without an ounce of fear…

The Nesta.

With my father… our father at the helm.

The tear were mainly due to the fact that the dad was on the ship named after the daughter who disliked him the most, and it proves the dad was trying to be a better father to his three daughters.

The Ending

Rhys died! That chapter ending made me cry:

And Rhys was dead.

When I realised his “I love you” to Feyre was a goodbye, I just couldn’t keep reading. I left the book for a good 10 minutes before I could handle how Feyre would take it.

I do not think I would have read another book in the ACOTAR series if Rhys had stayed dead.

Not sure if their relationship is entire healthy since Feyre makes another bargain (I mean how many bargains is his irl going to make?) that if one of them dies, they both die. Thus the return of the tattoo on her arm, with its twin on Rhys’s.

Another thought came to mind when she got the new tattoo, is the one from the Carver’s bargain still there. He died, so did that end the bargain? I really liked the moon and mountain on her back.

The Future

Lucien has a different dad, he is the heir to the Day Court. I really hope he gets to meet his dad, and finally have a loving family.

Bryaxis needs to be found, since he disappeared after the battle. This could mean that Freye and Rhys aren’t going to stop being main characters, cause I will miss Rhys too much.

There better be a future story about their children. I mean the mischief the spawn of Freye and Rhys would get into.

Queen Vassa has the story of Swan Lake, so my prediction is that the next book will be the story of how her spell is broken. It may also include how Freye’s dad found her and made the bargain with the Sorcerer.

It feels nice to have unleashed most of my feelings about this book. There are still so many things I could talk about but I need to re-read the book before I can properly understand my feelings.

Thanks for reading,
Darling Bear

P.S. What was the last book you cried at?

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