A Conjuring of Light

The third and final book in the Shades of Magic series, A Conjuring of Light by V. E. Schwab is an amazing work of fantasy.

The precarious equilibrium among four Londons has reached its breaking point. Once brimming with the red vivacity of magic, darkness casts a shadow over the Maresh Empire, leaving a space for another London to rise.

Spoiler Free Review

My love for Schwab’s writing has grown through out this series, and like the many wonderful reviews of the back of my book I can honestly say this is the best finale I have read in a long time.

I enjoyed the character development, especially Bard’s. She made many self-revelations throughout her journey and I just love her. I also love Kell, and with Lila he is like a puppy always gravitating towards her, looking for her attention. The scenes where Lila would go to Alucard, her friend, and not him made me laugh so much.

The other character which surprised me was Holland. I had an image built up in my head about him based on the previous books, and it was nice to have some backstory about him. I never thought I would like him, but he definitely grew on me.

The plot! It broke my heart, mended it, gave me hope again, then trampled back over it. I really enjoyed reading the adventures of the Antari and their fight against a daemon. There was a section in the middle, where they first tried to defeat the monster, and because there were still like 300 hundred pages left in the book I just knew something bad was going to happen. Yet, despite this knowledge I was still shocked at the events that unfolded.

Overall, I just loved this book. I really enjoyed the conclusion it gave the characters.

Spoiler Time!!

If you haven’t read the book, go read it then come back to read this section, or you will obviously be spoiled.


Be still my heart, I’m hardly breathing. Is an accurate description of how I felt after I finished this book. In this spoiler section I shall be discussing my favourite parts, my hopes for the characters futures, and a couple of quotes.

The first thing I want to talk about is the section titles. While I was reading the book, I normally tried to finish on a section break, rather than a chapter mainly because I couldn’t stop reading and it felt easier to part with the book this way. I fell the titles descriped the future section perfectly once I had read it and where also a great tease. Like number 1 is “A World in Ruin”, Rhy is dying, Kell has lost his magic and Orason has reached Red London, what could be worse? My favourite title has to be “Antari”, I like the imagine that Kell, Lila and Holand did a superhero walk down the streets before facing Orason in the final battle.

Holland’s death was bittersweet. His world finally gets to live and be whole by sacrificing himself, by giving himself over, but he will never get to see it. I actually smiled reading the line “And then, at last, the world breathed in.” I think it is a lovely line.

It was really interesting learning more about the queen, I kind of hated her previously (this final book seems to have made me change my mind about quite a few characters). It annoyed me that Kell thought of Rhy as his brother, but the King and Queen were never his family. But yet again, Schwab made me feel sympathy, a women who chose a man, not the crown. I also very deeply related to her worry over breaking things, I am regularly described as a bull in a china shop, so Emira’s fear over having a baby struck a cord with me.

“Love and loss,” he said, “are like a ship and the sea. They rise together. The more we love, the more we lose. But the only way to avoid loss is to avoid love. And what a sad world that would be” – The very wise Tieren.

Delilah Bard is an amazing and strong willed women. My favourite bit of dialogue from her is when they Sea Serpents have attacked the ship, and she has realised Jatas betrayed them. I think it is really powerful, and some great character growth. It is amazing how much she has changed since she pick-pocketed Kell.

“We don’t choose what we are, but we choose what we do.”

I liked Kell through out this series. The one realisation that I thought was great, is the fact that the memory spell that was put on him when he was younger hadn’t worn away and then burned the spell which would lift it.

What can I say about Rhy? I am heart broken for him. The loss! I honestly thought he saved her, it never occurred to me that the sword would go through and kill his mother. I think he will make a great King.

I thought the ending was perfect. Lila got to be a pirate, Kell finally gets to explore his world, and Rhy and Alucard can live happily ever after. I really want a story about Lila and Kell’s children I think they would be super cute and get into so much trouble. I also want to see a Christmas story with Alucard and Kell being forced to be nice to each other.

Overall, I thought this was an astounding work of fantasy. It was so good, that I couldn’t really sleep after I finished it, and I was very tired the next day at work. I spent most of the night re-living the book and imagining their futures. If you haven’t guessed already this is a five star book.

five star 5

What book have you most recently given five stars to?

Talk Soon,
Darling Bear

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